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How it works

  • SMS 1 to 5555 and join the program.

  • Dial *5555#YES or SMS * to 5555 and get a 4-digit code.

  • Submit the code to a partner of the program and benefit from the discounts.

  • Short info

    Wonderland entertainment center offers 10% discounts to Ulduzum subscribers.

  • Addresses
    Ganjlik Mall, 3-rd floor
  • Phones
    (012) 404-31-26
  • Website
  • Detailed info
    Children's Complex "Wonderland" - this is an unusual playground for children, where boys and girls are transformed into powerful heroes with supernormal characteristics.
    İf you still don't believe in such transformations, Then check that the "Wonderland" complex can give your child.
    Children fall into a world of exciting games and transformations;
    Lots of motion, constant engagement in the process of the game will bring maximum benefit to children's health and overall well-being. The child develops the skill, care and usefully spend their energy, which will positively affect a good sleep and peace.