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Xalq Bank

How it works

  • SMS 1 to 5555 and join the program.

  • Dial *5555#YES or SMS * to 5555 and get a 4-digit code.

  • Submit the code to a partner of the program and benefit from the discounts.

  • Short info

    FREE minutes from Bakcell Ulduzum and Xalq Bank!

    Period: 2 months, 01.06.2021 – 01.08.2021

    Participants: Those who benefit from any fast money transfer service at any regional branch of Xalq Bank: all customers that send or receive money.


    • All customers, who benefited from operations, will receive free Bakcell minutes for calls
    • 50% commission for send/receive operations by the fast money transfer system 

    Transfer amount

    up to 500 AZN

    500.01 – 1500 AZ

    1500.01 AZN+


    10 min

     15 min

    20 min

  • Addresses
    İnsahatcılar pr., 22L
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