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  • SMS 1 to 5555 and join the program.

  • Dial *5555#YES or SMS * to 5555 and get a 4-digit code.

  • Submit the code to a partner of the program and benefit from the discounts.

  • Short info

    “Readit”offers special discounts to Ulduzum subscribers.

    30% OFF with Ulduzum from on books!

    The cost of one discounted book is just 0.7 AZN. 

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    Baku, Azadlig av. 4
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    (055) 486-12-76
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  • Detailed info

    We live in an information society and day-to-day information becomes more and more valuable. In the words of "Rich Dad" (Robert Kiyosaki) most valuable asset - time. Hundreds of useful books are annually published in the world and remember how many "must read" book you started reading, but did not read. Do not have read probably due to lack of time or simply bored with the book. We do not read non-fiction books for our pleasure, but we read for certain knowledge and to become a professional. So we decided to create a project presentation where they gathered the best and most useful books of all time. Summary of the books consists of 8-15 pages, which describe key ideas from valuable books. After reading the summary Read IT you get the knowledge and experience of the authors, and only the essence of the issue.